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The Company


Refining, transportation and marketing of fuel products in order to meet the energy demands of the domestic market.


YPF has 3 refineries strategically located in La Plata (Buenos Aires), Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza) and Plaza Huincul (Neuquén), and it also holds interests in Refinor (Salta). These refineries are connected to the markets through an extensive and efficient logistics network.

Luján de Cuyo Refinery

Luján de Cuyo is the refinery with the highest conversion capacity in the country. It has a refining capacity of 105,000 barrels of crude oil per day, an equivalent conversion capacity and a Solomon Complexity Index of 10.8. It produces practically all the products marketed by YPF in Argentina: diesel (premium, standard, mining and agricultural), naphtha, propane, butane and propylene among others.

In June 2013, the Diesel Fuel Hydrotreating Unit (HDS III) and the Gasoline Hydrotreating Unit (HTN II) were installed, with an investment of 170 million dollars and 188 million dollars respectively. Both plants generate an important improvement in terms of dieselfuel and gasoline quality.

La Plata Refinery

La Plata refinery is one of the most important refineries in South America and one of the most dynamic industrial sites in Argentina. It has a refining capacity of 189,000 barrels of crude oil per day and a Solomon Complexity index of 8.1. The refinery has the capacity to process all crude oil types produced in the country, obtaining a wide range of products. It includes a facility for the production of base lubricants, paraffin, aromatics, asphalt and petrochemical products. It has the capacity to produce 860 m³ of finished lubricant bases per day and a Solomon Complexity Index for lubricants of 30.6. In 2012, the Diesel Fuel Hydrotreating Unit (HTG B) was Installed, and it produces 1,825 million liters of fuels per year. This plant contributes to the improvement of the gasoline and diesel fuel quality, and implied an investment of 269 million dollars. Furthermore, the Continuous Catalytic Reforming (CCR) Unit started operating in June 2013, increasing by over 50% the production of aromatics, which are used for generating a higher production of naphthas and petrochemical products. The investment amounted to 463 million dollars.

In order to process the production growth a new coker unit is being built, allowing an increase in refining throughput to 206,000 barrels per day. The project will be finalize in December 2015 and a total of 792 million dollars will have been invested.

Plaza Huincul Refinery

Plaza Huincul is a low-complexity refinery equipped with an atmospheric crude fractionation unit and a naphtha reforming unit. It supplies the Patagonian and Alto Valle regions. It has a refining capacity of 25,000 barrels of crude oil per day and a Solomon Complexity Index of 1.95. Additionally, it includes a facility that produces methanol from natural gas, with an annual production of 400,000 tons. Methanol is a key input in the production of biofuels and petrochemical by-products.


The company designs and develops products, services and business solutions, anticipating the clients needs in the different market segments: Retail, Agro-Industrial and Industrial. YPF has the largest distribution network in the country, and it is present almost everywhere an Argentinean needs energy.

Products and services

YPF offers integral solutions to meet customers specific needs in every segment in which it operates. It produces diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel oil, plastic consumables, premium fuels, agrochemicals, fertilizers, auto-part lubricants, oils, asphalt for road construction, gas and other specialties that drive the country.

Retail segment

With 1,524 gas stations strategically distributed throughout the country, YPF offers its customers fuels and lubricants, convenience stores and lubrication centers operating under the highest quality and safety standards. YPF is the leader in the retail market, offering premium products such as INFINIA, EURODIESEL and DIESEL500 fuels. YPF leads the retail business, generating sustainable value for its customers, station employees, shareholders and the community at large.

Agro-industrial segment

YPF provides an integral product solution (diesel fuel, lubricants, agrochemicals, fertilizers and grain storage bags) and offers clients in this segment a direct channel with an exclusive service through YPF DIRECTO, the most efficient network with the broadest coverage in Argentina and more than 100 distribution centers across the country.

Industrial segment

YPF supplies and services all the industry segments (mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, aviation and transportation). It offers special fleet control and technical assistance services, and distributes all types of products: fuels, lubricants, coal, asphalts, paraffin and by-products.


YPF supplies bulk gas directly to the wholesale market and to more than 46,000 customers of the retail, business, agro-industrial, industrial and institutional segments distributed throughout the country. It reaches over 1 million households with bottled gas and cylinders (exclusively branded as “YPF Gas”) through a network of 52 official distributors.


YPF lubrication and diagnostic services provide an integral vehicle check-up in terms of safety and preventive maintenance. The service is delivered through an integrated network of 254 points located in YPF gas stations nationwide. The service offered at BOXES is oriented to automobile users and includes oil and filter changes, as well as the check-up of the most important parts of the vehicle. It is rendered by experts who advise customers on vehicle lubrication and maintenance.


The FULL stores provide a wide range of coffee, food and convenience products. They offer a pleasant atmosphere for a moment of peace and recreation in a versatile and innovative space. YPF has a network of 503 stores located in its gas stations throughout the country, offering over 2,500 products specially thought for the client with attractive promotions all year round.


The ELAION product line offers the best lubricants for protecting engines, either gasoline, diesel or CNG powered. ELAION’s innovative anti-stress and FLEXLUB technologies provide enhanced protection to the vehicles. Developed under the most demanding standards required by the car industry, it is the lubricant line recommended by the main automakers.


YPF is the main producer of petrochemicals in Argentina. It owns 3 plants: Ensenada, Plaza Huincul and Bahía Blanca (50% of Profertil), which produce benzene, toluene, mixed-xylene, ortho-xylene, cyclohexane, solvents, MTBE, 1-butene, oxo alcohols, TAME, LAB, LAS, polyisobutylene, maleic anhydride, methanol and urea. YPF Chemicals business leads the domestic market and also sells its products in foreign markets such as the United States, Europe, Mercosur and the rest of Latin America.


Crude oil transportation is carried out through two oil pipelines operated by YPF, connecting Puerto Hernández with Luján de Cuyo (580 km) and Puerto Rosales with La Plata (700 km), together with chartered crude oil tankers. Product transportation is carried out through two pipelines operated by YPF connecting Luján de Cuyo, San Lorenzo, La Matanza and La Plata, and also includes the use of three loading ports, 16 terminals (10 with ports), six GLP plants, 54 airplane refueling facilities and 1,500 trucks.

Natural Gas and Energy

YPF sells the natural gas it produces, acting as a marketer. It operates 2 LNG regasification plants located in Escobar and Bahía Blanca. It operates the only underground natural gas storage facility in Latin America, with a 150 million m³ capacity. YPF holds equity interests in Mega (NGL), YPF Energía Eléctrica, Metrogas (gas distribution), Metroenergía (energy trading), Gasoducto del Pacífico (gas transmission), Central Dock Sud and Filo Morado (power generation). These investee companies add value to the company. With an installed power generation capacity of 800 MW, YPF Energía Eléctrica S.A. supplies 5% of the energy consumed in the country. In 2014, YPF acquired YSUR Energía Argentina S.R.L. (formerly Apache´s Argentine operations), which has made it possible to position the company as the main natural gas operator in Argentina.

Trading and Transportation

YPF trades crude oil and refined products internationally. It also charters tankers, sells marine fuels and performs vetting operations, inspecting and approving all the vessels chartered by the company for crude oil or product transportation that operate at the terminals.