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The Company

Our management

We contribute to the growth of Argentina

YPF operates a unique business model in Argentina, that aligns the interests of its shareholders with those of the country.

Our people

YPF is a company made up of people, and without their effort and commitment it would be impossible to sustain the development that is currently being achieved. Human resource policies and organizational strategies focus on granting more empowerment to the different business units. For this purpose, leaders have the autonomy to identify resource needs, propose plans and take action.

Organizational efficiency is a key success factor for business growth. This is why YPF works closely with educational institutions on technical research and training.​​​​​​​​

​​Quality, Environmental Care, Health and Safety

At YPF sustainability is at the core of the business. It implies working for the country’s energy development in a responsible manner, prioritizing quality, environmental protection and our employees safety and health.

A specific policy was implemented across the company to promote best practices in Quality, Environmental Care, Health and Safety. As a result, the challenge of sustainability becomes an opportunity for innovation and continuous improvement in YPF’s daily operations, and reconciles business development needs with the creation of shared value for the country and each community where YPF operates.

To get to know our policy on Quality, Environmental Care, Health and Safety please click here.

Research and technology development

YPF together with the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) has created a new research and technology company, mainly comprised of researchers, technologists and consultants in key disciplines related to the energy industry.

Y-TEC generates challenging ideas, some of which will become technological projects managed with a rigorous and innovative methodology. Currently, a 12,000 m² center with a cutting-edge design is being built in the city of Berisso, in the province of Buenos Aires, with state-of-the art laboratories and IT equipment.

YPF is working on the improvement of an ultra lightweight proppant with nanotechnology, smart well fluid research, optic fiber applications and different developments in metal and non-metal materials, among other projects. In the area of renewable energy, it is paving the way for the Argentine development of lithium batteries, and it continues exploring energy sources, such as wind, solar, geo-thermal and marine energy. Consistent with YPF, Y-TEC is crafting a technical career aligned with the pursuit of excellence and strengthening the company’s scientific and technological knowledge.​​​​​​