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YPF in collaboration with unions and oil field service companies devised the Technical Training and Productivity Program, which has already trained more than 45,000 workers directly or indirectly involved in YPF’s activities. New recruits and the personnel of contractors and suppliers working at YPF facilities are regularly trained either in the classroom or through the e-learning program.

At YPF our people’s safety is a top priority that has been reflected in the management system through the “Six Golden Rules” policy: Shared Commitment, Safe Driving, Work Permits, Excavation Works, Work at Heights and Lifting Operations.

Shared commitment

Your commitment is essential. Commitment means "agreement between both parties," and this is what we need to improve our management of Quality, Environmental Care and Health and Safety.

Safe driving

You should forsee all actions needed to minimize traffic accidents and understand the criteria for road safety prevention, the applicable legal requirements and related internal company procedures.

Work Permits

Present your work permits. They allow you to manage risk and generate a written document that guarantees the security conditions prior to carrying out the job.

Excavation works

Ensure the risk control measures that will help to avoid the entrapment of people and the breakage of elements during excavation or ditch digging. The key tool for these types of activities is planning.

Working at height

Bear in mind some key considerations such as task planning, the implementation of control measures and the use of personal safety equipment.

Lifting operations​​

Use the adequate equipment and accessories and know the load to be moved. It allows you to carry it in a controlled manner and with the necessary safety requirements for this type of operation.​​